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You had a car crash! What now? You try to find help in an Old House but later on, you will see that this was you're biggest mistake.


THIS IS A SHORT HORROR GAME! So this means it's only 5 minutes long.

This game was made in a Rush it just was a Side project so Bugs still can appear

Rated 2.7 out of 5 stars
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TagsHorror, Psychological Horror, Short, shorthorror, Survival Horror


the-house-in-the-woods-win.zip 1.7 GB
Version 1 May 12, 2021


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This game was pretty good, needs some work tho, i did a video including it for my "scuffed horror games series" i made some jabs but obviously i dont know how hard it is to make a game :)

I enjoyed this for what it is! A fun, silly, short horror game. Would like to see what you can do with more time and original assets!

I enjoy the premise of the game and the quality of the assets, assuming Unreal was used for the games development. But the mechanics for my experience were very broken, and the story basically ended as soon as you entered the house. The soundscape and environment design wasn't as seamless as it should've been. Everything needs to be more fluid so the player can maintain an immersive experience. Honestly, just spend more time refining the smaller details and working out a cohesive story.

Good Work!


Hey Thanks for Playing the Game! I hope you had fun playing it. I really liked how you edited and it was really fun watching you play it. TBH the game was just a side project like I said in Description on Itch IO but you said you didn't read it. Actually the other Game I made Operation Anomaly is much better and Longer and it has a Story but still I can relate you're opinion xD

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Nice spooky game!

Hey Thanks for Playing the Game! If you really liked this game you probably could wait a bit longer because this was just a Side Project (thats why you couldn't pick up the Papers) I am working on a much longer and better Horror Game! If you want to play it you're Welcome

Hey, how's it going? I would love to play your next game.

Making games isn't that easy hahaha. This game is going to be longer

I believe it! Can't wait.

Its Out