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After hearing that you can now legally own a gun in you're Town you made your way to the Local Gun Store. After buying the gun you feel safe but you even feel more lust for Revenge.


This Game is a Short Horror Game

#PSX  #PS1  #PS1Style #PS1HorrorGame


She Is Back_Data.zip 65 MB


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  She do be comin' back tho.

loved it!!!

Nice little game, had fun testing it!

It was a pretty good game, it just felt like it was rushing through! But still a good job!

Hey, Thanks for playing the Game! I hope you and fun I did have fun watching the Video xD. I really loved you're Humor and the ideas you had like changing the Car I never thought about that xD. The story was you're daughter died and Dr.James bought her back but as a Zombie. Still, the video was very good you surely earned yourself a new Sub!

Now it all makes sense! Now I understand why he went after the doctor! But glad you enjoyed the video! Great game and I look forward to more!

First thing I did was explore the town and I clipped through most of it. Ended up falling off the map. On restart, I got up to the car and the "for sale" sign but I didnt know what to do after that. 

yo what am i suposed to do?

Well that was an experience.. I was confused on what was going on at first, but rewatching the footage and replaying allowed me to understand most of it. It was a fun game, pacing was bizarre but in a good way, and the story was creative. The only real issue I had was the small text, but other than that great job! (4:24)


this was a really cool looking game! hope to see more games from you in the future!

I had a really good time with it! Thanks for sharing!

I think I understand what happened here, I also ran into a couple of bugs, so you might want to check them out. Thank you for sharing your art!

Hey! It was sooo much fun to watch your Video. You even were the first person who got the story without me explaining it to him. I really liked how you tried finding out of bounce stuff and even got stuck somewhere. I surely will take a look at it and update it as soon as I can.

Interesting game.

Hey! Thanks for playing it was very fun to watch your videos have yourself a good one;) xD

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Honestly, I felt that the game had a good plot but it was lacking in terms of gameplay and player interaction with surroundings. The main character just enters places and then into the car without the player experiencing much, like if I am going to murder someone, I should be able to see and have the action to kill someone, when I am on the car, driving to another place, it would be good if there was a process or animation of some sort instead of directly teleporting the player to each location. The game has a lack of player interaction and even at the end, I was kinda confused as to what the story was about where I entered a building where there are many dead people and one person eating someone and then the game ends. I don't really understand what this means and how it relates to the picture shown at the ending but the game would have been much better if players are engaged more in this amazing storyline.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Hey! Thanks for playing the game. I Honestly can relate you're opinion because there are not a lot of stuff to interact if but while I programmed this game it was meant to as short like 2 min. Still, I hope you had fun playing it. The Story was that you're daughter died and a Ritual made her come back as a zombie the dead people in the room were person you killed to feed her

That sounds like a great storyline XD. Would love to see more player interaction in your games in the future!

Good game

Show post...


Thanks for Playing the game. I hope you had fun and got a bit of the story the game told you :)

Congratulations... I wait for you on my channel and thank you again !

Hey, Thanks for playing the Game! I hope you had fun. I really enjoyed watching you're video.