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You're playing as John Drake, a corporal who got send out to investigate some anomalies. Soon after he realizes that this anomaly isn't natural it's made by something or someone. Fight against the anomalies and find out why they exist and stop them forever!


If you Die in this version of the game you need to restart the whole game


First Level: Collect all the weapons and get out of there!

Second Level: Follow the Tracks to the Entry of the Train Station

Third Level: Find a Way to enter the Underground of the Subway. The entrance to the Base is somewhere near the tracks

Fourth Level: Find the Generator Room after Remote controlling Kill all Zombies and go to the Lift.

Fifth Level: Try to find the Radio Tower

#horror #action #shooter #strategy #HorrorFPS

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TagsFirst-Person, fpshorror, fps-platformer, Horror, Psychological Horror, Survival Horror


operartion-anomly-win.zip 2.3 GB
Version 1 May 15, 2021

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love the game 



why is this not paid this look cool and i want to play but i have mac so dev can u please make it so it's compatible with mac m1 because this game looks cool af and i want to play it so bad

please this has really good graphics and i need to play it because it's amazin

Dude chill hahah I'll do it xD

wow thanks a lot man!

so uhh did you make it

look mate I really appreciate that you want to play the game but it Is not that easy to create it for Mac cause i can't test it xD

good game, there are a few bugs i found, but this game definitely has some potential

Completed it, I agree some work needs doing but your onto a good start, try to keep it as original as you can.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


Hey Fellow Player xD! I really enjoyed watching your video and even I had to laugh at some Moments. It's so cool to see that you really are putting a lot of effort into your videos I mean you even looked up for out-of-bounce stuff truly Amazing! Fun fact: The levels all have their own Scenes it was just me who left all the other stuff in the levels hahah. I'm going to take a look at the PlayerPrefs. I hope you had fun and have a Good one!


Fun game.


Hey Thanks for playing! Hope you had real fun. I am Still working to fix some of the bugs